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Professional Product by doctors for Clinics, Salons and Spas for the use of licensed estheticians and skin care

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COSMOPROF Hong Kong 2015
Booth No.1E-E3F
Nov 11 - 13, 2015
About us
CU SKIN Co., Ltd is a cosmetic professional company specialized in developing and selling Cosmeceutical Products for clinics and esthetics in collaboration with dermatologists. As a subsidiary of CU group, which has 8 upper class skin clinics and aesthetics in Korea, and a few overseas sister operations, we have our own laboratory and production factory and have developed unique and outstanding performing ingredients and formula through continuous R & D investments.
Clean-Up Clinics
Gangnam branch
      T.+82-2-561-0007 F.+82-2-567-1162
Yongdeungpo branch
      T.+82-2-2634-7588 F.+82-2-2634-7524
Samseong branch
      T.+82-2-556-9070 F.+82-2-557-7682
Cheongdam branch
      T.+82-2-512-7582 F.+82-2-3443-0082
Nowon branch
      T.+82-2-930-8288 F.+82-2-930-8477
Myeongdong branch
      T.+82-2-318-7533 F.+82-2-318-7535
Ilsan branch
      T.+82-31-921-1877 F.+82-31-921-1875
Cheonan branch
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